Free upgrade to triple bandwidth !


We appreciate our loyal customers that stayed with us for such a long time , and decided to add some value to current and new servers that will be ordered until 30th November.

Any Dedicated Server customer can contact our sales department and have his/her servers bandwidth upgraded to triple amount! This will significantly help customers that had bandwidth overage on previous months .

Please note that if you’re about ordering a new server , you may see 10TB on the order form but we will set it to 30TB as soon as you claim it to your account manager.

Beyond that , We’re running some promotions for 100TB bandwidth servers this month :-)

You sales department can be reached by the email or calling 888-842-8570.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

Saman Soltani
HugeServer Networks ,LLC


Announcing ION Control Panel !

Hello !

We’re glad to announce our brand-new control panel with code name of “ION” =)

Our Development team has been working hard to develop a control panel that let customers manage their servers easily on any device and work with support , manage bills ,etc .

Key features of the control panel for managing servers are : Soft and Hard Reboot , Periodic Bandwidth Statics , Real time Bandwidth Graphs , rDNS Records , Private Network connection , On-Demand KVM Console , IPMI . Server re-installation , Adding Extra IPs and more !

General feature including managing sub-accounts with comprehensive access-list , generating API tokens , manage billing and accounting , make emergency request to support department , see account login history and much more !

You can find some screen shots below the post , take a minute and login to the new control panel and find more ;)

The control panel can be accessed on

We have released ION API 1.0 , The web service and application programming interface that helps our customers to do automation on their end with any programming language . The document can be found at the control panel.

This release is considered as first and the team will continue to develop new features for our customers.


Thank you ,

Saman Soltani

Co-Founder at HugeServer Networks, LLC

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How to fix Shellshock bash vulnerability

On Sep 24, 2014, a GNU Bash vulnerability with name of Shellshock or the “Bash Bug”, was disclosed. the vulnerability allows remote attackers to execut code given certain conditions by passing strings of code following environment variable assignments

You can find more details about the vulnerability on CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169


Check System Vulnerability

On any system that is running bash you may check the ShellShock vulnerability by running the following command :

env VAR='() { :;}; echo Bash is vulnerable' bash -c "echo Bash Test"
“echo Bash is vulnerable” is where the remote attacker can inject malicious commands , if you see the following command your Bash is vulnerable and you need to update it .

Bash is vulnerable
Bash Test


Otherwise , if you’re not seeing “Bash is vulnerable” as output of command ,your version of bash is not vulnerable .

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Outdoor Building

New datacenter at Los Angeles !

We’re glad to announce the latest location in Los Angeles , California with code name of LAX3 – as a leading provider of dedicated server, colocation and cloud services we’re always looking to support our customers growing demands and provide better service .

Our new Juniper powered network and adding new private peerings and PCCW let us to reach Asia Pacific more quickly with less hops ! This is great for our customers and we keep trying improve our network for you.

As monitoring flow data I noticed about %25 lower latency to Asia from the new network .

During past months , We have been working so hard to build this infrastructure for your business growth and keep on implementing Automation and features for you.

For more concerns regarding our new facility please send an email to or call 888-842-8570


Installing Axel on CentOS 6


Is WGET slow for you ? Did you tried increasing TCP Buffer and still not having the results you expect for downloads ? Do you need resume and multi connection functionality ? The solution is Axel

In Windows we have many download manager softwares that let us download with the maximized speed and resume ability but with Linux there are a few based on CLI as the most are with GUI.

Axel Installation :

Here we are going to install Axel and then explain how to use it.

- Debian Based Distro : If you’re on a Debian Based distributions like Ubuntu you can install Axel easily with apt-get .

apt-get install axel

- Redhat Based Distro : Axel is not included in Yum repository by default if you don’t have EPEL / Remo so you need to install it from scratch via source code or use RPMs which is faster and more easy.

rpm -ivh


Command-Line Switches :

You can have a complete list of command lines if you do “man axel” or “axel –help” but here we mention a few of usable command lines for general usages.

--max-speed=x           -s x    Specify maximum speed (bytes per second)
--num-connections=x     -n x    Specify maximum number of connections
--output=f              -o f    Specify local output file
--header=x              -H x    Add header string
--user-agent=x          -U x    Set user agent
--no-proxy              -N      Just don't use any proxy server
--quiet                 -q      Leave stdout alone
--verbose               -v      More status information


Examples :
– Downloads with max number of connections set to 10
axel -n 10

– Downloads at 512,000 Bytes/second (500KB/s) and max 10 connections
axel -s 512000 -n 10

Generally you can see about %88 percentage improvement in download speeds with Axel than Wget .


Hope this article was clear and usable for you.

Let me know your opinions in comment.


Jacksonville,Florida dedicated server and colocation

HugeServer expands to Florida !

HugeServer Networks, LLC expands dedicated server and colocation service offering to Jacksonville ,Florida (East Cost U.S)

Jacksonville,FL was choosen for it’s advantages in providing lower latency network connectivity in higher performance grade to East Coast US and South America , focused on Brasil and the Caribbean. it’s also offer lower latency to European customers.

Our network at Jacksonville,FL has two diverse rings from Atlanta,GA and Miami,FL which offers incredible network uptime ,reliability and performance.

We have three transit carriers in our Jacksonville location including : TWTelecom , nLayer and Level3 Communications . also our network is Noction IRP Optimized which is a great value . Noction IRP analyze and optimize traffic routes in real-time and decrease latency up to %30 for outbound routes !

The facility is a SSAE16 certified Data Center, the most secured Data center in Florida and it’s protected 24×7 by armed officers.

In addition to Jacksonville,FL HugeServer also offers dedicated server and Colocation services in Los Angeles,CA and Atlanta,GA .

For more information, please contact HugeServer at:
Phone: 1-888-842-8570


HugeServer Networks, LLC announces new Los Angeles Location

Los Angeles, CA – (HugeServer Networks, LLC) Colocation facility & Dedicated server provider HugeServer Networks ( is happy to announce the deploying of their latest location in Los Angeles by Equinix LA1. This new facility adds to already comprehensive and robust network of data centers and space that Hugeserver Networks operates throughout the continental USA. In addition to their headquarters in Los Angeles , Hugeserver Networks operates locations in Los Angeles and Atlanta. The new Los Angeles location provides yet another option for customers who need centrally located data center services in the USA.

HugeServer Networks’s Los Angeles location is highly connected with bandwidth provided by the following carriers:

Level 3, Global Crossing, Bandcon, Cogent, Intelliquent (old Tinet and Neutral Tandem), and nLayer
Our peers are Pacnet, Japan Telecom, Xeex, PCCW, KDDI and ANY2.

In addition to a great premium bandwidth mix, the facility also boasts 24×7 monitoring & 24×7 on-site staff. Power is fully redundant.

About Hugeserver Networks @ Equinix ™

Platform Equinix is where global business and growth connect. The platform provides customers data centers with ample room for growth in reliable, well connected sites that enables them to reach their customers globally so that they can collaborate to accelerate growth.

The Equinix global service delivery platform consists of International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers located in 38 metropolitan areas across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific. These International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers serve as a reliable and secure destination for the world’s most powerful networks and companies where they can leverage Equinix’s interconnection and exchange services. Equinix’s dynamic ecosystem enables companies to connect directly to their strategic partners in order to optimize the performance of their content and applications. It’s what we do every day – without compromise.

About Hugeserver Networks, LLC

Hugeserver Networks, LLC is one of the world wide network and dedicated servers providers based in California
. The company has began its business since 2008 under official name “Hugeserver”. The company has experienced exceptional growth and currently hosts nearly 1,000 dedicated servers and co-located machines.

You can have more photos on our facebook page :

Dedicated Server Plans :

More information :

HugeServer is partner with Cloulinux

HugeServer now offers CloudLinux!

HugeServer now offers you the latest in virtualization technology called CloudLinux to address common issues that cause instability and downtime when hosting multiple websites on a server. With this new operating system you can crash proof your servers. There were always 2 things that made hosting multiple websites on a server a pain. One was leaving vast amounts of idle resources to guard against a single tenant from over-utilizing the shared resources. You always have to prepare for the worst – and leave idle resources sitting and waiting for something that may or may not happen. Very inefficient. The other pain was keeping one website from causing problems and eating up server resources causing it to slow or worse, shutting down the server. Resources can be drained by any number of problems like a traffic spike, a bug in the website code from one tenant or a hacker attack. Those days are over. Now we offer CloudLinux CloudLinux uses Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology to isolate resources on the server. It prevents individual websites from using too many resources and slowing down other sites, provides better security, and protects servers from issues that drain resources. The technology provides better management of server populations and improves stability and can allow you to host twice as many accounts on one server. Not only that, CloudLinux is easy to deploy and manage since it is:

  • Based on RedHat EL 5.x /  RedHat EL 6.x and interchangeable with CentOS 5.x  / Centos 6.x which means no learning curve
  • Works with all major control panels including cPanel and Plesk
  • Compatible with major hosting technologies like Ksplice and R1Soft Backup
  • Transparent to both the administrator and end user and requires virtually no overhead

If you want to deliver more stability and better uptime to your customers,order cloudlinux by contacting our sales department.

Critical Vulnerability in Windows RDP

Hello All, This is a notice of an active security alert which could pose a threat to your server with operating system of Microsoft Windows. Please see the alert below: “Yesterday, during Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday they announced a patch for a critical vulnerability in Windows Remote Desktop. If exploited, the vulnerability would allow anyone to remotely run commands on your server. This bug affects all versions of Windows (XP – 7/2008 R2) If you have a server or workstation running RDP please patch it now. There currently is no known exploit, but Microsoft believes there will be one in the next 30 days. However, it is very likely there will be something sooner. A temporary fix is to enable NLA (Network Layer Authentication). This would require the attacker to have valid login credentials, however if successfully exploited the remote commands would run as the SYSTEM user and not the user authenticated.” The patch is available from Windows Update and there are manual patches linked below.   Thank you for your review.

Updates and News about HugeServer !