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HugeServer announces it’s new brand –

On 1 September, HugeServer announced its new Virtual and Cloud service providing company called Cyanode. It offers cloud hosting plans including virtual private servers (VPS).

Using HugeServer’s infrastructure, experience and technology we aim to target the special segment of the market that has different requirements which are simplicity and affordable services. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, but we have made the life easier for system administrators and developers by creating useful and pre-configured templates such as OpenVPN, WordPress, etc.

Cyanode is simple and flexible and it has been our concern to be since the first day. We highly focus on end-user experience and simplicity of use. Clients can easily choose how many resources do they need and save money. Services can be easily scaled or migrated In the blink of an eye.

Cyanode allows clients to choose between different Linux distributions or our own pre-configured templates.


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