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HugeServer has a team of advanced system administrators with specialties in everything concerning servers and applications such as Virtualization, Security and Hardening, Web Administration, Networking, Storage Management, Backup Solutions, Cluster and Complex Migrations!

You don't always need to have your own IT staff to operate your servers. The same job can be done with a higher quality at a better price. You will end up both saving valuable money and precious time; all at an affordable hourly rate or a flat monthly rate by utilizing our experienced and certified engineers at HugeServer.

Server Management

Let our team of server administrators take care of the difficult parts! May it be installing, upgrading, maintaining to troubleshooting issues on your applications; We have got it covered. We have experienced engineers in all areas that you may need. Server management is offered both at a monthly commitment or at an hourly rate starting at $75. All Linux operating systems, Windows 2008 and Virtualization platforms are supported.


We offer free basic monitoring for all servers; pinging servers every minute. We can definitely set you up with a more advanced monitoring system if you want to. The server responding to an ICMP request doesn't mean that all applications are doing fine, which is why you need proper monitoring for all single services you run on the server including DNS, Web Server, Database, Mail Server, etc. If you have booked management service with us, our monitoring service can notify the NOC and Server administrators instantly so we can quickly take care of any present issue before your customers experience any problems.


Server migration is the act of moving your data and server configuration from one server to another. Sometimes it can be performed automatically for example when both servers run cPanel, but most of the times it should be performed manually especially when platforms are different. Manual server migrations should be done by experienced server administrators in order to avoid data loss or to prevent creating major issues after the migration. We offer migration services for transferring from your old server to ours, handling anything from common situations to most the complex ones. We will make it turns out to a smooth transition for you.


A server cluster is a collection of servers called nodes that are in communication with each other to make an HA (high availability) service. Clusters offer two major advantages, which are fault tolerance and load balancing. When your business grows past a certain point, a single server will not be able to respond to all your visitors anymore, not even if you get a quad core server. This will be the point in time where a server cluster and load balancing can and will come in handy. A common use of clusters is to separate the database server, meaning several web and application servers will connect to one or several database servers for load balancing and fault tolerance reasons. Our experts are here to help you throughout every stage starting from designing to implementing and running the server cluster.

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