Hybrid Servers

Hybrid Servers with dedicated resource and fast I/O

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources ensures you have access to all resources provided at any time, no reason to share your resources with neighbors.


You can easily upgrade or downgrade your virtual server when you wish, your billing rate will be adjusted simultaneously.

VMware technology

VMware vSphere, the industry-leading virtualization platform, most ideal option for Enterprise virtualization.

Super IO

On Hybrid Servers, very few Virtual Machines are created on a physical hard drive, therefore, you will have the fastest experience.

Uptime SLA

Uptime is our #1 priority, Hybrid Servers are covered by our SLA.

Multiple Locations

Choose from 3 Locations worldwide! the nearest to your users, the better. Each individual geographical location has its own benefits for your business.


The industry leading control panel developed by HugeServer with comprehensive features that makes you able to take control of your servers from any device anywhere.

Easy Migration

As far as the entire state of a hybrid server is placed on files, it's pretty easy to move your hybrid servers between our 3 locations. Hybrid Servers can be expanded to dedicated servers as well.