About Us

Do you know what makes us different?

HugeServer Story

Back in 2008, a couple of guys set out to create a company which focused on simplifying hosting for others. This simple yet brilliant idea coupled with your standard every day basement and the necessary expertise lead to the establishment of HugeServer. We did not want to be a standard service-providing-company. What we really wanted to do and subsequently committed to doing; was to assist the growth of our customers in the very best manner we could. The belief and understanding we had in the past, which is still driving us in the present is that our success goes hand in hand with that of our customers. Their success, prosperity and our assistance leads to their expansion meaning they would be needing more servers to satisfy their ever-growing needs. We understand how imperative our client's growth is to our success which is why we at HugeServer always do whatever we can, whenever we can in order to put our clients in the very best position they can be in, to succeed.

After about 2 years we have seen a lot of requests from our clients to have dedicated servers instead of their small web hosting services to fulfill their growing needs. Our way of approach towards work had bore the fruits we had hoped for. The hard work we had put in and our dedication to our duties started to show results as HugeServer rapidly outgrew that old server closet and parted ways with its birthplace in that run down basement and moved into a bigger center. We offer our products and services to thousands of business across the globe and these include but are not limited to providing dedicated servers, colocation and cloud hosting solutions. With a wide range of solutions offered to our customers from over the world, we aid and stand by our customers however we can. Our data centers house over thousands of virtual and physical servers based in several hundred server racks with many more racks ready to accommodate our future growth.

Our Vision

Today, even after all the growth we have gone through, we still have not lost touch to what is the true backbone of our success; our high-quality customer service. We still endeavor to establish the most optimal environment and offer the best possible solutions, so our clients can succeed. The incredibly reliable solutions we offer let the customers do what they do best which is to run and take care of their business as they trust us to do the same and take care of what we are supposed to, to the best of our abilities in order to help them. The customer service which we provide you with can be seen as exemplary and exceeds even your highest expectations, because whatever action we take or whatever solution we offer, we always consider the customer's user experience first. The best part about it is that we know our customers want to keep their costs down so their businesses can flourish and prosper, which is why we offer our services at a very adequate and fair price point.


HugeServer is a limited liability company registered in California with over 10 key-employees. Our workforce consists of experts who work by our common philosophy. The servers we utilize are assembled to client's exact specifications and are all bare-metal. Our data center is in compliance with HIPAA, PCI and SSAE-16 certifications. Our collocated customers have a 24/7 all-year-round access to their own locking cabinets located within our facilities. At the time being, we provide a wide range bleeding edge solutions and software for thousands of clients and businesses no matter big or small.


  • In business since 2008
  • Customer-oriented mentality
  • +1,000 Customers
  • Global Datacenters
  • Premium Network
  • ION Platform
  • 24/7 Operation

Company Overview