ION Platform

Industry leading control panel and automation system developed by HugeServer

Sub account

You will have the ability to create as much sub accounts as you need and assign each with customized user roles (access list).

Support Ticket

Whether you want to involve our technical support team with an issue or want to negotiate something with our Sales department; support tickets come in handy as quick way to get in touch with our staff.

Power control

Power control is a feature included with any server we provide, may it be dedicated or virtual. It lets you to power on, power off or reboot your servers anytime, anywhere.

Realtime Bandwidth Graphs

A real-time bandwidth graph will be provided through out several periods on all services we provide to help you manage your traffic.


You can change your rDNS records for any IP you have assigned with us in no time. There's a bulk update feature that gives the ability to upload a text file and change multiple records at once.


We have an automated reinstallation feature for dedicated servers, hybrid servers and virtual servers. All you have to do is selecting an operating system.


We have an internal VPN in place for you completely free of charge. As a security measure it's obligatory to be connected to the VPN when you need to access the Console.

Remote Console

We have integrated a remote console for all the servers we provide, giving you instant access to your server when it's out of access. We do not believe in on-demand console as they are nothing but time killers when an issue pops op.

Null route

You will be able to instantly null route an IP for a desired period of time on ION. In computer networking, a null route is a network route that goes nowhere. It is like a black hole, meaning no one will be able to reach that IP anymore.


Have you ever been concerned with automating or integrating using your web hosting provider? We offer a RESTful API with comprehensive documents and support.


Our ION platform allows you to easily manage everything connected to billing. From making payments through your preferred account to managing your invoices and services; it has everything covered.

Built for Resellers

Well, we really made ION to be suitable for resellers. hence there's API, WHMCS module and also a brandable control panel for end users of you! You can visit here for more details.