Reseller Program

Resell Enterprise-level hosting and boost your revenue with our robust platform

How can we help with our Reseller Program?

HugeServer's Reseller Partner program is designed for hosting providers willing to use HugeServer's services to re-pack and resell to their end users. Our partners are given a good amount of discounts based on their Tier as stated in the table below. There are also some reseller-only perks which help you boost your sales and maintain a good margin.

Our purpose with our Reseller Program is not only to boost our sales but also help other hosting companies to boost their profitability with our exclusive discounts and perks. We will also help you with your advertisement campaigns and complicated sales quotes to win your sales.

  • Server Discounts

    Tier 1
    $500+ Revenue
    or 4 Servers
    Tier 2
    $1500+ Revenue
    or 12 Servers
    Tier 3
    $5000+ Revenue
    or 40 Servers
    Tier 4
    $10,000+ Revenue
    or 80 Servers
    Tier 5
    $20,000+ Revenue
    or 160 Servers
    Dedicated Server Core Discount 8% 12% 15% 20% 25%
    Hardware Upgrade Discount 10% 15% 18% 25% 30%
    Network Upgrade Discount 10% 20% 26% 38% 50%
    Level up bonus (one time) - $150 $500 $1000 $2000
    Free cPanel License 0 1 2 5 10
    Free Plesk License 0 1 2 5 10
    Free WHMCS
    Free SSL
    Brandable Control Panel
    Bandwidth Pooling
    Resellers Only Promotions
  • It's not always good for your customers to find out you are reselling, we understand the point, therefore we have already created a customizable program for our resellers that makes them able to provide their customers a leading control panel with their own branding. Here are some features that your customer will love!

    Power Control

    No more tickets from your customers regarding reboot tasks! They can easily reboot their server in a moment.

    Real-time Graph

    There are several periodic real-time graphs available on the control panel for all servers. Makes you able to see 95th percentile or total Mbps used anytime.

    Bandwidth Statistics

    It's important for everyone to be aware of their bandwidth usage and statistics. We have periodic statics to do your math!


    The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is provided with all Dedicated Servers in order to access KVM Console with one button. VPN Connection is required before connecting to IPMI Console.


    VPN connection is provided to your Customers to access to our private network in order to access IPMI safely. It's required to be connected to our internal VPN in order to access IPMI/KVM. They can easily create their Username and Password and download the connection from the White lable Control Panel or your WHMCS if you have our plugin installed.


    Customers can easily modify Reverse DNS records for all IPs assigned to them on demand!


    We have monitoring checks for all single physical and virtual devices across our datacenters, so the status of every service is visible to your client.


    The White Label Control Panel is designed to work on any device, any browser, and any platform!

  • As soon as you hit the second tier we offer one cPanel license for a dedicated server or a virtual server at no cost. Count of free licenses will be increased as you grow up!
    Parallels Plesk unlimited domain license is offered at no cost after the first tier. As far as you level up, you will receive more costless licenses to increase your margin.
    All resellers are given free WHMCS license to take care of their hosting business. WHMCS is a leading platform for web hosting companies with features including Support, Billing, and Automation! We have our own WHMCS module for ION integration. Let your clients control their server from your own platform!
    We offer free SSL for your own website to keep your customers safe over the internet and built trust! Free SSL is provided with all tiers of our reseller program.
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