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HugeServer announces it’s new brand –

On 1 September, HugeServer announced its new Virtual and Cloud service providing company called Cyanode. It offers cloud hosting plans including virtual private servers (VPS).

Using HugeServer’s infrastructure, experience and technology we aim to target the special segment of the market that has different requirements which are simplicity and affordable services. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, but we have made the life easier for system administrators and developers by creating useful and pre-configured templates such as OpenVPN, WordPress, etc.

Cyanode is simple and flexible and it has been our concern to be since the first day. We highly focus on end-user experience and simplicity of use. Clients can easily choose how many resources do they need and save money. Services can be easily scaled or migrated In the blink of an eye.

Cyanode allows clients to choose between different Linux distributions or our own pre-configured templates.


HugeServer expands to the Netherlands

We are happy to announce our new facility in Meppel, Netherlands. It’s our first expansion to Europe and we will offer all our services in our Netherlands datacenter.

We expanded to Netherlands because it’s one of the best-connected countries in Europe. Netherlands is the perfect location for whom demand no-compromise low-latency access to markets across the EU including the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Scandinavia, as well as adjacent nations.

HugeServer’s network in Netherlands is directly connected to AMS IX (+800 members) and DE-CIX (750 members).

More information about the datacenter and network can be found here.

For more concerns regarding our new facility please send an email to or call 888-842-8570

HugeServer Announces Logo and Website Redesign

We are glad to announce our new logo and website redesign inspired by following factors:

  • Impressing current and new customers
  • Creating a more trusting and supportive energy through the new look
  • Staying up-to-date with current digital trends
  • Attracting new customers

I believe the new Logo design was a necessary step for us to take the feeling and company image to the next level. At the same time, we redesigned the entire website and introduced new products and services such as Hybrid and Virtual Servers. I appreciate everyone in the development department whom helped to make this long process happen.  Looking forward to 2017, HugeServer plans to expand geographically and improve its automation systems with focus on user control and service provisioning.


HugeServer WHMCS Module for Resellers Released.

We’re proud to say our module for WHMCS v6 is released on Github.  The module mostly is designed for resellers with WHMCS as their billing system so they can provide their customers control over their servers.

  • Get Server Specification
  • VPN Access for Clients
  • Bandwidth Graph
  • Bandwidth Statics
  • rDNS Control
  • IPMI Console (requires VPN connection)
  • IP Address lists
  • Power Control

The module has functions on both Admin and Client portal. Documentation and Installation guide can be found on Github.

If you have any question regarding the module or trouble installing it  don’t hesitate to contact us at

Thank you.

ION v1.2 Released!

We are very pleased to announce that the new version of our Control panel, ION. This version includes new features, bug fixes and RESTful API!

Highlights of ION v1.2:
  • Hybrid Server Support
  • Virtual Server Support
  • Automatic Null Route
  • Reseller white label control panel UI Improvement
  • RESTful API v2
Demo of ION:
username: demo
password: demo

Demo of Reseller white label panel:

If you have any question regarding ION v1.2 or have a feature request don’t hesitate to comment below or contact

Also, if you would like to be one of our successful resellers please contact us on LiveChat or

Thank you,
Saman Soltani

HugeServer 2014 Review

2014 was a big year for HugeServer and majority of what we had planned last year is achieved by now and we will assure you that every year that passes by we get where no one expects us to be!

  • Expansion to 3rd Los Angeles Datacenter: opening our 3rd datacenter has been the best goal we achieved in the year. Now we’re able to provision more servers in a quick time backed by our big inventory.
  • Optimizing network for Asia: we value all customer and always try to provide the best service to them. with growing service demand from Asia we decided to optimize our network for the least latency to Asia pacific.
  • Full Juniper Network: upgrading our whole network router and switches to Juniper equipment. this upgrade will improve network uptime and reliability our customers.
  • ION: our full- featured brand-new control panel for managing your server and infrastructure easily. we will continue to develop the control panel for more automation tasks.
  • ION API: ION API is here for developers who wants to access ION features in their application.
  • ION Reseller Control Panel: one month after launching ION we launched our new white-label control panel for our resellers.  Now they have more flexibility to control their branding and access lists through their reseller control panel.
  • NOC Improvement: our NOC department has now more monitoring tools to prevent and detect any network outage and attacks in a short time.
  • Full-time Development Team: we hired a team of professional full-time developers and we look forward developing new stuffs for our customers.

We always look forward to improve our service and quality in any term and have some big announcements for 2015, which we cannot wait sharing them with you!

Thank you.

How to connect to HugeServer VPN on Linux

To connect to our private network from a Linux client computer, you need to follow the following steps :

  1. Create VPN Password from ION
  2. Download VPN Connection from ION
  3. Install OpenVPN
  4. Connect to VPN Server

Installing OpenVPN Client on Ubuntu / Mint / Debian

Usually, the easiest way to install OpenVPN Client on a Ubuntu / Mint / Debian machine is using APT-GET .

Run the following command on your terminal with root permission :

apt-get install openvpn

Installing OpenVPN Client on Redhat / CentOS  / Fedora

You can simply install OpenVPN Client on your redhat based computer using YUM by running the following command in your terminal with root permission :

yum install openvpn 

Connecting to VPN Server

After installing the client on your machine and having the connection file along your Username and Password you are ready to How to connect to HugeServer VPN on Linuxconnect !

Simply open your terminal window and run the following :

openvpn –config /path/to/folder/client.ovpn

Make sure that you enter the correct file path on the command.

Now it prompts for your Username and Password, after the authentication you should be connected to our VPN network.

If you have any question or trouble connecting to our VPN network don’t hesitate to contact our support department via

Free upgrade to triple bandwidth !


We appreciate our loyal customers that stayed with us for such a long time , and decided to add some value to current and new servers that will be ordered until 30th November.

Any Dedicated Server customer can contact our sales department and have his/her servers bandwidth upgraded to triple amount! This will significantly help customers that had bandwidth overage on previous months .

Please note that if you’re about ordering a new server , you may see 10TB on the order form but we will set it to 30TB as soon as you claim it to your account manager.

Beyond that , We’re running some promotions for 100TB bandwidth servers this month 🙂

You sales department can be reached by the email or calling 888-842-8570.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

Saman Soltani
HugeServer Networks ,LLC

Announcing ION Control Panel !

Hello !

We’re glad to announce our brand-new control panel with code name of “ION” =)

Our Development team has been working hard to develop a control panel that let customers manage their servers easily on any device and work with support , manage bills ,etc .

Key features of the control panel for managing servers are : Soft and Hard Reboot , Periodic Bandwidth Statics , Real time Bandwidth Graphs , rDNS Records , Private Network connection , On-Demand KVM Console , IPMI . Server re-installation , Adding Extra IPs and more !

General feature including managing sub-accounts with comprehensive access-list , generating API tokens , manage billing and accounting , make emergency request to support department , see account login history and much more !

You can find some screen shots below the post , take a minute and login to the new control panel and find more 😉

The control panel can be accessed on

We have released ION API 1.0 , The web service and application programming interface that helps our customers to do automation on their end with any programming language . The document can be found at the control panel.

This release is considered as first and the team will continue to develop new features for our customers.


Thank you ,

Saman Soltani

Co-Founder at HugeServer Networks, LLC

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