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Node.JS 8 Moves is now Long Term Support

Node.JS 8 is graduated to Long Term Support (LTS) so it can reach the needed stability for enterprise development and deployments. Also, this new lineup for Node.JS 8 will make Node.JS 9 to take place at the “Current” release line.

Node.JS 8 Features

With the LTS release of this popular server-side JavaScript Runtime, the focus is on security and stability and Node.JS foundation will maintain LTS for 18 months, Below are some of the important features of the Node.JS 8.x line:

  • The Google V8 version 6.1 JavaScript engine
  • The NPM 5.0.0 Client
  • Over 20% better performance than the previous Node.JS 6 LTS in typical web applications
  • N-API which is an API for creating native add-ons (Experimental)
  • HTTP/2 (Experimental)
What about Node.JS 9

For Node.JS 9, most changes centered on the removal of APIs and moving the code-base to a completely new error system, this will allow error messages to be changed without being considered as breaking changes. Below are some of the main features of Node.JS 9:

  • Async hooks module that provides an API for registering callbacks to track asynchronous resources within an application
  • The Google V8 version 6.2 JavaScript engine
  • Support for HTTP/2 and N-API which are available for use without a command line flag but are still experimental

With all of this, Node.JS foundation is recommending users of Node.JS 6 and 4 to start testing and migrating to Node.JS 8 so they can get the latest updates to improve security and stability of their JavaScript Web Applications.

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